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A stone’s throw away from London Bridge in the heart of London’s most popular foodie market you’ll come across the hidden party under the bridge. Don’t second guess it, this is Borough Market’s top pub offering the best craft and draught beers and finest cask real ales. If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds then ask one of our party team to stir you away with hand-selected spirit or a glass of fizz. Make your after work drinks last longer by filling up on our infamous craft pizzas and messy burgers. If this is your thing, we humbly await to welcome you to Wheatsheaf!

Doughp Craft Pizza

Hold on to your hats because things are about to get hot, juicy and a little bit cheesy. Don’t miss out on a slice of the action, just pop down and try our DOUGHP creations!

Burger Shack

Relish the moment and keep your eyes on the loaded fries, because Burger Shack has landed at Wheatsheaf.
Get ready to be tantalised because we’ve got some real nice buns. 

The Yard

Fully heated and covered beer garden with the snazziest backgrounds! With our pizza oven within your arm’s reach, it’s where the soul of the party is at. It’s on first come, first served basis so just rock up and grab a table.


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Best night in ages! Super friendly guy greeted us and was very attentive all night. Excellent service and all the staff and customers seemed very happy! lovely atmosphere.

Name: Arden

Best night out!

​Excellent find as a non-londoner. Just what me and my partner Jenny were looking for with a recent brief two night stay in the capital. Will be going again! Credit to the whole staff for making it such a great experience

Name: ​John

Epic find!

We went to the wheatsheaf a couple days ago and it was really lovely. We had a heartwarming Sunday roast and the waiter, Jonathan, as well as everyone else was very attentive and welcoming. I love the interior design and the music as well as the wine! We’ll come back soon 🙂

Name: ​Merle

Great Sunday

Really fantastic outside area which most importantly is covered. Inside there’s a plethora of cosy spots all centred around their oval bar in the middle. Each area has its own vibe and anyone can feel at home here. If you’re grabbing a snack then make sure to grab one of the warm home made sausage rolls which are 10/10.

Name: ​Fergus

Love this gaf

Enjoyed food and drinks at Wheatsheaf on two occasions while visiting London last month. This pub makes you feel like you’re at home. The bartenders are friendly, the beer selection is GREAT, and the food is pretty good. It also makes the perfect escape from the shoulder-to-shoulder packed Borough Market. I would be at Wheatsheaf 2-3 times a week if I lived in London. Love this place.

Name: Daniel

Love this place